Monday 21st October 2019
First Man (2018)
12A USA 141mins Biography/Drama/History IMDb 7.2/10
Director - Damien Chazelle
Cast - Ryan Gosling, Clair Foy, Jason Clarke

Hard to believe the Moon landings were 50 years ago!

This film looks at the life of Neil Armstrong who, on 20th July 1969, became the first man to walk on the moon.
Armstrong was an engineer, an excellent Pilot (the general consensus amongst NASA astronauts was that he was the best pilot among them) and most of all a perfectionist but he was also a private, introverted man.
This film does not portray him as a sympathetic character however the Armstrong’s sons said of the film that it is a most accurate portrayal of both their father and their mother. Ryan Gosling plays Armstrong perfectly and Clair Foy plays his wife.