Monday 18th November 2019
The Keeper (2018)

15 UK 120 mins Biography/Drama/Romance IMDb 7.8/10
Director - Marcus Rosenmuller
Cast - David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw

An extraordinary love story involving a German POW in 1944.
John Friar (Henshaw) spots Bert (Kross) playing in goals in a POW camp football match. He is impressed and persuades the camp commander to let Bert play for the local team. Bert falls for Margaret Friar (Mavor) and rather than return to Germany on his release he stays and marries her. Bert is later recruited by Manchester City and plays with them 1949-64.The marriage and the playing career cause all sorts of problems. This is a film with much to say about how peace, forgiveness and reconciliation can broker a path through intractable and divisive prejudices.