Monday 17th February 2020
Outlaw King (2018)
18 UK 121mins Action/Biograhy/Drama IMDb 7.0/10
Director - David Mackenzie
Cast - Chris Pine, Stephen Dillane, Rebecca Robin, Tony Curran

Set in the period 1304-07. William Wallace has been executed and the Scottish Lords are vying for power. We follow Robert the Bruce after he kills John Comyn and assumes the Scottish Crown. Chris Pine is good as Bruce and ably supported by many talented Scottish and British character actors. The sense of period is evident in costume, weaponry and, ever present, mud. The 18 certificate arises from the violence of medieval battle which is well portrayed on screen. We start with the siege of Stirling Castle and finish with the Battle of Louden Hill in 1307 still 7 years before Bannockburn. Linlithgow features in many scenes including lochside, outside and inside the Palace and two scenes inside St Michael’s intended to represent two different churches.
Note: In the Film Edward the Second is at Louden Hill although in History he was not - A former Braveheart script writer was obviously at work!